Cedar Shake Roof Contractor, Chicago

If you are concerned about your cedar shakes roof life expectancy, then contact our Cedar Shake Roof and Maintenance Contracting company in Chicago.

You might have asked yourself, how long will my cedar shake roof  last?  Your cedar shake roof can last 30 years or longer if it is installed and maintained properly. Routine and timely cedar shake roof maintenance, includes inspection, cleaning, treatments, and repair. If you neglect roof maintenance it will significantly decrease its longevity and aesthetic value.  Because of the complexity of cedar roof maintenance, and the perils of working on a roof, you should always hire a professional roof contractor.

Cedar Shake Roof Treatment

You should get your Cedar roof treated every one to three years.  Without treatments the cedar shakes can rot, degrade and buckle up. A Cedar Shake Roofing contractor can apply water, fire repellents, fungicides, and algaecides, etc. to the shingles.  Moreover, your professional cedar shake roofing contractor can remove leaves, debris, wood destroying fungus from your roof.  Power washing your roofing will improve your roof’s appearance but also help with maintaining the strength and integrity of the roof.

It is important you get your cedar shake roof inspected regularly.  Due to temperature fluctuations and moisture exposure the wood expands and contracts.  This could lead to cracks. As soon as these cracks begin occurring it is important to call a professional to repair or replace the damaged shingle(s).